Are you on nodding terms with neighbours because you forgot their names, and it’s too late to ask again?

Have you ever found out you left your car lights on when you try start it in the morning? Or learned your house alarm was going off for an hour while you were at work? If only someone could have told you…

Would it be nice to have someone to walk the dog with, or to find a babysitter at short notice? Has anyone reported the pothole to council?

It used to be cool to knock on neighbours' doors, now it’s awkward. Those who have a strong street community love it, and like to tell everyone about it. But it rarely happens. Most neighbours are also strangers.

At StreetHubs, our dream is to help neighbours communicate to solve small problems, together.

It’s simple, you access the Hub on your street using the code provided - you can see your neighbours and join the conversation, or just sit back and watch. You never know when you’ll need each other. StreetHubs are small and private - only residents on your street can get in.

Your street is talking, join the conversation.

Mike Banks

Meet Mike Banks - StreetHubs Founder

Mike’s been building web-based companies for years. Quite successfully.

But then he turned 40 and his three small kids taught him that it’s better to make a difference - to have a positive impact. StreetHubs.com is his way to achieve that. Mike’s from Perth, but has lived in London for a long time before settling the family in Melbourne. Moving around so much taught him the value of neighbours. You scratch beneath the surface on any street and it’s amazing what you’ll find.