Community Standards

OK hub members - this stuff is important to know, probably useful and definitely worth a read. We insist! And even if we didn't these standards form a binding part of our Terms and Condtions [link to terms] so you should read them anyway!

StreetHubs aren't like other online communities. What happens in your Hub matters in the real world. Hub members are real people that live on your street, or in your building. So, please be a power for good.

StreetHubs community standards - the short version

1. Use a real profile photo and your real name. Otherwise your hub won't work.

2. Be nice - if you feel compelled to bully or troll - take it somewhere else.

3. Don't sell stuff to your neighbours. They'll find it super-boring and probably end up liking you less.

4. Use your own account - every adult in your residence should have their own.

5. Don't post anything that's likely to cause offence.

6. Be neighbourly - help your neighbours and contribute positively.

If you want your StreetHub to be amazing… try these

1. Be supportive of neighbours' posts. They're putting themselves out there and need positivity in return.

2. Participate in neighbours' posts - discussion is the key to creating meaningful communities.

3. Be brave and start your own conversations. Your neighbours are a friendly audience.

4. Continue in the real world. Say 'hello' when you see a neighbour on the street.

5. Take the initiative to help vulnerable neighbours. Look after them when they need it and they'll look after you.

6. Spread the word - if a neighbour hasn't joined the community, get them on board.

7. Look for opportunities that your hub can work on together. As a motivated group you can really get things done, like arranging a street party or lobbying the council on things that matter to your street.

If you want your StreetHub to be amazing… avoid these

1. Don't spam your neighbours with messages about your business. They didn't join to buy kitchenware, cosmetics or supplements. If a neighbour is asking for help though, feel free to jump on in there with your special skills.

2. Be respectful - don't bully or troll your neighbours. Your words have power, so use them carefully. Threats and intimidation will not be tolerated and you will be removed.

3. Keep any negative or harmful opinions about your neighbours to yourself. Let's start a community, not a fight.

4. This isn't the right forum for your nudie photos, or offensive content.

5. Think before you post images of others, especially children. If in doubt, ask the person in the photo.

6. Anything that your neighbours post or share is only meant for here. Don't post it anywhere else without their permission.

7. Don't post links to places that contain offensive material.

8. You need to start your own account and profile - there are no 'family' profiles here. Be sure not to let anyone else use your account, or know your password. You will be responsible for anything they do in the Hub

9. If you move house, don't forget to let your Hub know, and make sure you join the Hub on your new street to get to know your neighbours.

10. Be careful not to overshare - once you've posted it, it can't be un-posted.

11. Please watch your language - not everyone swears like a pirate.

Should we find Content or behaviour on the site that does not adhere to our Community Standards, we retain the right to either pause User Accounts temporarily, or remove them permanently. And of course, as the owners of the site, we reserve the right to decide who can and cannot participate.

Removal from the site precludes the User from creating a new account.